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Simple Worship 1.2

A simple presentation tool designed to show Church song lyrics line by line (See all)

A simple presentation tool designed to show Church song lyrics line by line. However, it can be used for any other purpose that requires showing the contents of text files on a line by line basis. The program automatically creates a song list based on all the text files present on your working directory. In addition, it allows you to create customized “programs” – subsets of songs to be played on a specific Church event.

Simple Worship presents a very simple and classical-looking user interface. It basically consists of three panels – one for the songs list, one for the programs list, and a bigger one for the song’s lyrics. The program allows you to switch the edit mode on and off. When it is off, you cannot apply any changes to the songs’ lyrics, as a security measure to avoid undesired accidental mistakes. However, you can see the contents of any existing song or create a new one very easily.

When you create a new song, you must leave a blank line after each line of text, so that these can be displayed separately. Once your song is ready, you can proceed to display it just by simply double-clicking on it or through a specific key combination. The presentation executes in full-screen mode, and if you are not happy with the results, you can always select a new font and change the text and background colors. Finally, you can switch from one line of text to another by simply pressing the number of the line you want to jump to.

In short, Simple Worship is a must-have for any person who needs to create a line-by-line text presentation using simple text files. As a bonus, it can be used for free for personal or Church purposes only.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Light
  • Simple design
  • Automatically creates a song list out of the text files present on your working directory
  • Allows you to create customized programs
  • Allows you to set the text font, color and background color for your presentation


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